Saturday, June 18, 2011

Oh, the funny things kids say!

I quite often make up lyrics to songs.  Last night, with Danny and Heather, I was singing to "Let's Go Fly a Kite":

"Let's all go to bed, to rest our sleepy heads,
Let's all go to bed and start a-snoring!"

Anyway, it continued until the last words, when I sang, "oh let's go, go to bed!"  On cue and on pitch Daniel sang a long, clear "Noooooo!"  It totally cracked Heather and I up.

The kids and I packed up the wagon with towels and sunscreen and walked to the neighborhood pool a couple of days ago.  Our "adopted grandma" (Barbara) came out to talk to us and asked us, "Where are you going?"

Daniel said, "To the church!"

I said, "No, we're going to the pool."

"To the school!" he shouted.

"No, Danny - the pool."

"To the cool!"

Notice the cats in the background - I'd hate to be Freddy - Zuma has a stinky bum!
Finally I enunciated, "Danny - the p-p-p-pool!"

"Oh, to the p-p-p-pool!" he said.  Another laugh!

Emily has been watching Yu-Gi-Oh (or however it is spelled), and is therefore learning a completely different way of speaking.  The cartoon likes to use big words, so she's also been trying that out.  She asked me the other day if the garden was "exasperating" me.  I laughed.  Then, the other day, Heather and I listened to her go into her room, trip over her toy horse, throw it out of the way, and say, "Curse you, Horse!" in a gruff voice.

They say to be healthy and happy you should laugh every day - I do!

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